Introducing the Tenant Migration Bundle from BitTitan

Introducing the Tenant Migration Bundle from BitTitan

At BitTitan we are always happy to get feedback from our users and strive to improve our products and offerings to better serve them and solve problems. Because of this we have made changes to the Tenant Migration Bundle (TMB). The TMB was originally a promotional per-user bundle to move mailboxes and data in a cross-tenant migration project. The idea behind it was to simplify the migration license process in a tenant-to-tenant migration and to pass on cost savings to users. The promotional bundle was based on the MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle (UMB), which covers multiple workloads for a single user in a project. Likewise, the Tenant Migration Bundle covers data stored in Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams – the most commonly-used applications in the Office 365 cloud office suite.

The TMB is comprised of two components:

  • User Migration Bundle: this is our most popular SKU covering mailboxes, documents, personal archives, and enables the use of DeploymentPro, our automated Outlook configuration tool, to flip profiles post-migration.
  • Flex Collaboration License: this a license from BitTitan enabling you to move Teams or SharePoint data.

The User Migration Bundles can be applied as they always have to cover mailbox and OneDrive data with no data limit. The new Flex Collaboration license can be applied to either a Teams migration or a SharePoint document library, carrying a 100 GB data limit per license.

Each TMB license is comprised of one User Migration Bundle and one Flex Collaboration License

How has the Tenant Migration Bundle changed?

The workloads and amount of data in the promotional TMB offering hasn’t changed, what has changed are the proportions of licenses to each other. The promotional offering of the Tenant Migration Bundle originally provided a 4:1 ratio of licenses. The ratio consisted of four User Migration Bundle licenses to one Flex Collaboration License. A Flex Collaboration License is like a Collaboration license that migrates Teams and SharePoint data. Our initial offering consisted of this ratio made sense to our team and engineers. However, while trying to explain this ratio to end users, we quickly learned this ratio was confusing and moreover implementing 4:1 ratio meant there wasn’t a self-serve option for users who would prefer not to need to talk to a salesperson. While the cost of the TMB has increased slightly because the ratio of licenses has changed it is still the most cost-effective way to migrate between tenants.

Why buy the Tenant Migration Bundle?

The first reason to purchase the bundle comes down to simplicity. In most cases the workloads migrated in the bundle will be everything you need to successfully move from one tenant to another. The second reason is the learning curve, less extemporaneous knowledge that needs to be learned means the faster a team of IT professionals can get to the project itself. Cost-savings rounds out the reasons to use the bundle as the bundle is 10% less than purchasing each individual license separately. While 10% doesn’t sound like a lot by itself, when multiplied by 500 or 5,000 users that cost benefit really adds up. To learn more about the Tenant Migration Bundle you can access the Tenant-to-Tenant Migration Kit or if you are ready to get started head on over to our pricing page or log into MigationWiz today.

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