Enable Coexistence For Tenant Migration Projects: Feature Spotlight

Enable Coexistence For Tenant Migration Projects: Feature Spotlight

The need to move data between cloud environments and, more specifically Microsoft 365 tenants, is an increasingly growing market and one that BitTitan wants to help automate. We frequently see this scenario arise during a merger, acquisition, or divestiture where businesses or individual units are being combined or separated. In fact, 2018 was the first year BitTitan saw cloud-to-cloud migration projects reach parity with on-prem-to-cloud moves – a trend we have seen accelerate since then given the increased adoption of M365 and continued strength in global M&A activity.

For large organizations making this move, migrations take place over the course of weeks or months rather than a single weekend. When users are split between multiple tenants during the transition, it’s critical to ensure a seamless experience for these users. That’s where coexistence comes into play.


Maintaining Coexistence with MigrationWiz

With the May 2021 release to MigrationWiz, we’ve shipped new features to support collaboration between users on separate tenants during a change in domain. Not only do they provide a great experience for those users – they provide flexibility and control over every aspect of the project for migration teams. Once customers have set up Exchange Online endpoints for both the source and destination, they will have the option to enable coexistence between the two tenants.

The biggest feature add is the ability to scope mailbox discovery. This allows for the autodiscovery of mailboxes from a single Mail-Enabled Security Group in Azure AD. For scenarios like a divestiture where only a portion of users are being migrated off a tenant, this feature helps quickly identify and migrate the relevant users and leave the rest untouched on the source.



In addition to this feature, we’ve also enhanced configuration options around the creation and conversion of mail users, automated license provisioning, and mail-forwarding. With MigrationWiz, customers now have the ability to:

  • Create Mail Users enables users to choose whether to create Mail User objects in the target tenant to match source objects.
  • Convert Mail Users enables users to choose whether to convert Mail User objects in the target tenant to Mailbox User objects during the pre-migration process.
  • Apply Licenses allows users to automatically start the provisioning process inside Office 365 ahead of the pre-stage pass.
  • Apply Forwarders allows users to choose forwarder options for the source and target mailboxes once the full migration is complete.
  • Verbose Logging provides users with detailed logging to help troubleshoot issues that arise during the project.



Ready for Enterprise

MigrationWiz scales to handle even the largest of engagements. With new features like coexistence, our solution ensures users split between two tenants can continue to work and collaborate as if they resided in the same environment.

When it comes to migrations, end user experience is everything. Engaging BitTitan for these projects not only means a trusted and proven solution in MigrationWiz, but access to a deep roster of migration experts and detailed step-by-step documentation to keep projects on track and guarantee a smooth transition for employees.  


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