Working Better Together in the Cloud: Secure & Optimize Your Microsoft 365 Migration

Working Better Together in the Cloud: Secure & Optimize Your Microsoft 365 Migration

The primary goal of educational institutions – from elementary through college – is preparing the next generation for the future. What that means, though, has evolved with the changing needs of our complex society. Where once school was a place to acquire practical skills and knowledge, today’s workforce – and the workforce of the future – has different demands. And technology is an integral player.

Recently, technology experts from Microsoft, Forsyte, and BitTitan came together to illustrate the benefits of fully integrating Microsoft Teams into educational environments. In this webinar, we learn how addressing underlying technology infrastructure helps institutions maintain their competitive edge and economic relevance.


Watch the full webinar here or read on below for a summary from our expert panel.



Educating the workforce of the future

“Microsoft as a company has supported education from the very start,” said Jethro Seghers, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.

Over the years the company has designed products to support critical career-ready skills. Once a working knowledge of Microsoft Office was a resume requirement, now the modern workplace is demanding evidence of higher-level skills. These include interpersonal collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

Business’s rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams gives educational institutions all the reason they need to support this trend. While learning the tools of their future jobs, students are using Teams to connect with faculty, staff, and their colleagues. The platform has also become essential for teaching and learning; collaborative research, professional development, and community building.

This was already happening pre-pandemic, and it’s been accelerated with the shift to remote learning. This acceleration has also exposed the need to increase security, reliability, and usability as systems are being stress-tested in real time. Organizations are already seeing the benefits of cloud migration and tenant consolidation.

Thankfully, with the right partners and tools, migrations are happening without disrupting the business of learning. They can be planned and implemented remotely during a school break.


A study in migration planning

“Schools and colleges are pushing for tenant-to-tenant migrations because disparate systems make it hard to take advantage of collaboration,” said Suzy McClure, Strategic Alliances Director at Forsyte. “They want to eliminate overlapping or dueling systems.”

With their expertise implementing migrations in the education sphere, Forsyte is a partner that emphasizes a tailored approach – helping organizations plan and prepare a seamless migration.

Forsyte also helps organizations move toward a more complete Microsoft integration – to the benefit of all users. They’ve found that consolidating tenants allows the organization to better understand the tools in their environment and move toward a central, managed approach to security and governance.


The smart migration tool

“At BitTitan we’re seeing a huge increase in Teams migrations over the last year as part of tenant-to-tenant moves,” said Lauren Brunson, Senior Technology Strategist at BitTitan. “This has been really apparent in higher education. Institutions have really begun to consolidate tenants spun up for individual colleges or remote campuses into a single instance – improving the experience for both IT administrators and the students or faculty.”

One example of those efforts is the University of Nebraska, who partnered with Foryste and BitTitan to move more than 46,000 email accounts over the course of a single weekend.

Institutions are using MigrationWiz for many of the workloads involved in these projects, including email, documents, and collaboration platforms like Teams. The choice of MigrationWiz means minimal downtime; a controlled cutover; data integrity; and even automatic Outlook configuration.


The Teams migration team

The call for migrations – to the cloud and tenant-to-tenant – has not slowed down. In fact, there’s increased urgency to support remote learning and collaboration. Schools and colleges have seen how a partnership with Microsoft, Forsyte, and BitTitan makes planning and implementing migrations fast and easy.


Watch the full on-demand webinar here!


Webinar brought to you by: Microsoft, Forsyte, and BitTitan.


  • Jethro Seghers, Microsoft Sr. Program Manager
  • Suzy McClure, Forsyte Strategic Alliances Director
  • Lauren Brunson, BitTitan Sr. Technology Strategist



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