Partner Spotlight: Techworks Consulting Grows Services Business with MigrationWiz

Partner Spotlight: Techworks Consulting Grows Services Business with MigrationWiz

Techworks Consulting is a managed service provider working to provide organizations with the tools to optimize their business through technology. Founded in 2002, the New York-based company services local businesses to multinational companies by offering exceptional IT services.

In a recent interview, CEO Chris Coluccio talked with BitTitan about his migration practice, why they leverage MigrationWiz for Microsoft 365 migrations, and how migrations open the door for additional service opportunities.


BitTitan: How do migrations fit into your overall IT services business?

Chris: Migrations are sometimes our feet in the door to our services. Of course, we do have clients we’ve been working with for a while that we move from other sources to Office 365, so we leverage BitTitan there, but in more recent occurrences selling an Office 365 Migration to new clients set the stage for our professionalism and ability to perform according to expectations. Having the right tools and the right support allow us to start the relationship right which will hopefully lead to further engagement and services with the Client.


How did you first hear about BitTitan?

We have been using this tool for 5+ years. When we first started our search for a utility for Office 365 Migration Utilities, there were only a few on the market during our search.


What factors did you consider when evaluating migration tools? 

There are many factors we considered during our evaluation of Office 365 Migration Tools. Certainly, cost is a factor, however, Ease of Use and Partner Engagement were the two most important factors. If we can easily set it up and use the product with minimal admin oversight, this allows us to scale out our ability to perform larger migrations with ease.


Why did you choose MigrationWiz over another solution?

During our evaluation, there were only a few options. BitTitan MigrationWiz or SkyKick. We ran different migrations with both tools and came to the conclusion that MigrationWiz was superior in that it was a partner-run tool versus one that the vendor needed to perform. For us, we like to have control over the process and involving other parties or relying on someone else to perform actions may delay the process.


Why is the project assessment service that our team provided helpful?

More recently, we have engaged with BitTitan to perform multiple Assessments on office 365 environments. With the additional features and functionality that Microsoft now offers, it’s important to see the full picture and understand what really goes into the migration. No longer are we faced with just a ‘Mailbox’ migration as we had been in the past. With the additions of Documents, Teams, SharePoint and more, the Assessments and working with BitTitan Support is a critical piece to our success.


How did the BitTitan team help support your project needs?

We’ve engaged with a few resources at BitTitan to ensure success with our projects. Resources on the Sales Team as well as Services and Support made themselves available to us, coached us through the assessment and migration process, and were able to support our needs to ensure we have everything we needed to perform the migration. Additionally, with the additions of Teams, Office 365 Groups, and others, BitTitan assisted us to better understand what other licenses and migrations were required. Without their involvement and assistance, we would not have gotten through the process successfully.

We are also leveraging Pablo from the Sales Specialist Team. He is vital to our migration project and running assessments and providing guidance. The tools that he has come up with are invaluable to enhancing and ensuring efficiency in the numerous migration projects needed for a tenant to tenant Office 365 Migration.

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