Netpremacy Harnesses MigrationWiz for Cloud Migrations

Netpremacy Harnesses MigrationWiz for Cloud Migrations

Netpremacy is a trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner based in the UK. They have been in business for more than 18 years, serving over 3000+ global clients with consulting for complex digital transformation strategies around Google Cloud products and services. They received the Global 2019 Google Cloud Specialization Partner of the Year award for Work Transformation Enterprise. MigrationWiz has helped Netpremacy to handle complex migrations in Google Cloud for some high profile logos throughout the years.


Searching for Best-in-Breed Tools

Kevin Jordan is Head of Technical Operations at Netpremacy. “One of our key focuses is working with our customers to help them execute G Suite migrations; we’ve had a huge focus on that for many, many years,” he states. “We’re constantly reviewing our tools for migrating customers to G Suite, and we want to make sure that we’re using the best-of-breed in terms of the market offering. MigrationWiz has been our choice in this space for cloud-to-cloud migrations as it provides a detailed setup, control, visibility and output during the migration.”


The Importance of Quick Setup and Ease-of-Use

Netpremacy has performed many migrations over the years. Their high volume of projects makes MigrationWiz the ideal tool. As Kevin Jordan explains, “Because MigrationWiz is fully cloud and there's no local installation, it's quick and simple to set up, and there’s a quicker transition from the setup to running the migration. We need to be very quick to move from phase-to-phase — we need that speed with the number of migrations that we do constantly.” As for the setup process, he relates, “BitTitan® has a wealth of information in the wiki and knowledge base, so I don't feel that we need to reach out to the support team regularly during a migration.” And as for the support response, he shares, “On the occasions we do contact support, it’s always been a very quick chat conversation. If it's not something that can be resolved right there, they get back to us within a very short time period. We’re dealing with some high-scale and very well-known names as part of some of the migrations that we perform, and we have to be on the ball.”


Visibility and Control for Large, High Stakes Migrations

BitTitan also offers document migration. “As well as mail migration, we also deliver file migrations as we want all our customers to fully adopt the G Suite services.” In summary, he declares, “BitTitan is a very scalable tool which makes it ideal for both small and large-scale migrations.”

Kevin Jordan continues, “You have to have confidence in the tool when it comes to any migration, but especially large, high-profile ones. These are typically well-known brands, with thousands of users, global presence and operate 24/7. We want to make sure we can give them constant visibility, regular updates and most importantly, assurance in our ability to deliver a successful migration. With MigrationWiz, we can see the progress from a high-level but can also gain granular insights to an individual’s progress. The exports and live reporting allow us to understand when and where areas are having trouble, and how far along we are in the migration. BitTitan is consistent with its throughput — there’s not too much variance and we can estimate accurately — another thing that’s really key to us for providing realistic and achievable timescales.”


The Basis for Ongoing, Long-Term Relationships

“Many of our customers are rapidly expanding and growing,” proclaims Kevin Jordan. “We consider our relationships with customers more akin to a partnership, and like to be seen as an extension of their team. We engage with many of our customers on a weekly basis to ensure we’re aligned with their business needs and strategies, their objectives with the G Suite platform, and their company growth. Thanks to these long-term partnerships and our proven expertise, we have become the natural choice for handling acquisitions. These put us in good stead for case studies and recommendations for new business opportunities. They also often need a quick turnaround and have short, hard deadlines, so knowing that we can rely on MigrationWiz to achieve this is a huge benefit.”


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