BV TECH Drives Digital Transformation Initiatives for Public Healthcare Institution

Customer Stories: BV Tech
Industry: Healthcare
Migration Info: 4,600 users
Migration Type: Exchange to Microsoft 365
Migration Timeframe: Multi-week pre-stage approach; final cutover over single weekend
Challenge: Facilitate entire migration remotely due to Covid-19; reduce downtime to avoid disruption to medical services
BV TECH Drives Digital Transformation Initiatives for Public Healthcare Institution

BV TECH is an Italian group focused on innovation and technology in engineering, computer services, and telecommunications. They help customers design, implement, and manage advanced technological systems. One area of focus is working with public institutions to fulfill the Italian government’s initiative to move infrastructure to the cloud.

In June, the internal IT team at a large public hospital engaged BV TECH to help them move 4,600 employee mailboxes from on-premises Exchange servers to Exchange Online.

“This customer wanted to be able to take advantage of all the benefits of Microsoft 365 and Teams,” said Domenico Polimeni and Enrico Raimondo, Sales Engineer at BV TECH. “This move allows them to manage everything themselves.”

If 2020 proved anything for global service providers, it is the value of a fully SaaS migration tool to keep projects on track - even when IT teams are working from their home offices. While the team at BV TECH would have preferred to see their customer a little more often, their initial migration project would be the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

 “We met with the customer once in person. The rest of the migration was planned and implemented with the team working from their homes,” said Enrico. “With MigrationWiz, we didn’t have to be on location to manage the migration, and the customer was still happy with the result.”


Prioritizing care by reducing downtime

This particular project couldn't afford any surprises or errors because users had a critical need for access to their email and calendars in order to do the important healthcare work in their community.

BV TECH followed a standard pre-staged approach, moving older data first, then migrating all recent items over a single weekend. That cutover involved long hours migrating mailboxes in batches, with the team taking turns to check the progress. Everyone worked from their remote locations – a project manager and technical specialists from BV TECH, along with counterparts on the internal IT side.

The project went very smoothly. In the end, there were issues with only six mailboxes out of 4,600. Luckily, all those users were part of the IT team, so they were easy to assess and fix.

“What contributed to the success of the project? It was a great team, careful planning, and lots of preparation,” explained Ruben Marcato and Alessio Carnago, IT System Architect for BV TECH. “Of course, we also had the best tool. It was easy to use and we had all the support we needed.”


Migration as a launching point

A successful initial project can very often lead to longer-term customer relationships for a technology services firm. As a cloud enabler for the Italian government, BV TECH knew this migration could lead to addition engagements. The speed and efficiency of the project resulted in a happy customer who is already talking about other projects.

“During the migration, we identified ways we could help with the structure of their Active Directory, for example. We have a lot of expertise in that area because we’re Microsoft specialists,” said Ruben. “The migration was a great way to learn about this customer and impress them with what we can do. We look forward to talking to them about more projects.”


The choice of MigrationWiz

BV TECH has no difficulties recommending MigrationWiz to their customers. Their own experience with the tool, as well as attentive local support, means there are no comparable options. As an added bonus, Microsoft recommends MigrationWiz, so customers can see for themselves that it’s a proven solution.

“To be honest, even comparing to free migration tools, MigrationWiz is a good value for the price. That’s because we’re confident it will get the job done and make us look good,” said Ruben. “We can’t take any chances that our customers will be without their email and critical data. They have important work to do.”


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