Bezeq International Steps in to Solve a Rush Migration

Customer Stories: Bezeq International
Customer Name: Indirect reseller for 8 businesses
Migration Type: Hosted Exchange to Microsoft 365
Migration Timeframe: Migrate 130 mailboxes; 1TB of data; in 1 week
Bezeq International Steps in to Solve a Rush Migration

When Natalia Zaretsky started talking to her new customer, an indirect reseller, the urgency was clear. “He was a bit panicked,” said Natalia, “and I could see why. Eight of his customers had just been told that their hosted Exchange was going to be shut down – with only a month’s notice! They needed to move off the Exchange immediately.” There was no time to waste.

Natalia is a Business Applications Team Supervisor at Bezeq International, part of Bezeq Telecommunications Corp. Ltd, Israel's largest telecom group. Her team provides IT and cloud services, and she knew that a successful migration would save the day for this new customer. So she cleared her calendar and got to work.


Eight migrations in seven days

This migration needed to be completed in a week in order to make sure all of the companies could stay up and running without losing access to their email and calendars. That’s eight migrations in seven days. Natalia knew the MigrationWiz User Migration Bundle was the tool for the job.

“I’ve used another migration tool, but what I like about MigrationWiz is the amount of control it provides,” said Natalia. “There are more features and options that allow me to control the migration to suit our needs.”


Mission accomplished with MigrationWiz

This urgent migration project required speed, but also expertise and a little patience. Like many small businesses, each of the eight companies being migrated off of the hosted Exchange had different set-ups in their IT environment.

The most difficult issue was that none of the companies had a way to remotely install the agent in order to automate profile data. That means the reseller had to drive around to each company and install this one by one on each and every computer. Meanwhile, Natalia monitored the situation from her office at Bezeq, executing each migration once the computers were prepared.

Since all the mailboxes were on a hosted Exchange, there was another issue the Bezeq team had to deal with. They couldn’t get an Exchange administrator account, so the migrations couldn’t move forward until they knew every single individual password. Some of the passwords they received weren’t correct, and some users had relied on Outlook to remember their passwords for them.

“To be honest, we could have completed the migration in about three days with MigrationWiz,” said Natalia. “But all the additional legwork slowed things down. We were happy we could still get it all done in a week – and before the Exchange was shut down.”


Keeping customers calm in a hectic situation

Natalia’s familiarity with MigrationWiz gave her confidence that she would be able to come through for the reseller, and she passed that confidence on to him. “He told us that after we met with him for the first time, he feels that everything was going to be all right,” said Natalia.

While BitTitan is known for efficient and professional customer support, the Bezeq team never had to contact them for this project. Natalia says she relies on the extensive documentation and guides BitTitan provides to cover every migration scenario.

“My favorite thing about MigrationWiz is the help topics,” said Natalia. “For any error we get, there’s easy-to-find information that helps us understand the problem or gives us a strategy to find a solution.”

While it was a hectic week, Natalia and her team were happy to be able to complete the migration for the reseller and avoid disruption to his customers’ productivity. This opportunity to help a customer out of a bind could be the beginning of a long-term relationship with Bezeq International.

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